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Nikko, Kusatsu, and Hakuba Rider Special 3 Days/3 Nights Tour

Day 1: Nikko

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  • Visit the legendary center of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the World Heritage site of Tosho-gu.
  • Enjoy the mountain ride in, around and out of Nikko!
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Day 2: Kusatsu

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  • Famous for the numerous hot springs, and especially famous of the windy mountain roads that lead into and out of the Kusatsu area!
  • Soak in comfort at the end of a long day of riding, and take in the local cuisine!
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Day 3: Hakuba

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  • Japan’s premier ski resort transforms into a beautiful landscape in spring through fall, with drop dead gorgeous riding through the mountains.
  • When you aren’t on the road, you are walking through historic ninja training grounds (yes, REAL Ninja- no kidding), and relaxing in comfort.
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The Ride

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We’ll make sure to send you down some of the best roads on your 4 day / 3 night ride. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect, the above collage is what we mean by breathtaking riding through the mountains! You will take this road as you travel between Kusatsu and Hakuba, so get ready!

The best of Japan is found on the road. From the charm of a rustic village to the kindness of the people in the countryside, you can experience a side of Japan most people never see.
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Price List and Motorcycle Selection

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