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Discount NinjaScout Motorcycle Tour 5 Days/4 Nights: Kusatsu, Kashiwazaki, Inawashino, Nikko

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Your first day of riding hits the mountains in and around Kusatsu. We’ve already scouted out the route, so you will have a great time with some really curvy mountain roads with jaw dropping vistas.

Get dinner in the city, and then head back to the ryokan and enjoy a nice hot soak in the natural hot springs before catching some sleep. Busy day tomorrow!

Accommodations: Standard Class with Breakfast Only

Your Mission: Have fun and enjoy the ride!
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Your Target : Route 405 Northbound to Kashiwazaki

On the way to your accommodations in the hot springs town of Kashiwazaki, there’s this little twisty road between you and your warm lodgings.

We haven’t had a chance to ride this road yet. A quick check of the roads tells us ‘narrow and twisty’, Looks like a road we would like to try, but we need someone to actually ride the road before we can recommend it. That’s where YOU come in!

Your Mission: Ride this road! Report back to us! some photos, if possible!

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast in Kashiwazaki.
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Your Target : Route 70, Northbound

See that blue squiggly line on the map? Yeah. That’s yours. We’re not exactly sure what riding that road is like, but we can guess that you’ll want to slow down in a few places. A LOT.

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast

Your Mission: Ride! Report back to us- was it fun? Details, please!
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We already have some great roads in the area scouted, like the roads around the beautiful Mt. Akagi, which you can see above. What we need is a scout to check out a deluxe class accommodation in the area.

We will book you a deluxe room at a discount rate, so be sure to let us know about the whole guest experience. How is your room? How is the food? Is it worthy of adding to our itineraries in the future?

Accommodations: Deluxe Class with Dinner and Breakfast

Your Mission: Ride. then enjoy an evening and morning at our target ryokan. Report back to us- was it fun? Details, please!
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